Making your First Trade

Making your First Trade

Once you’ve signed up and deposited, you’re ready to get started trading.

Choose a Market

On Polymarket, there are a handful of ways to identify a market you want to trade. You can view every market on the markets page. There, you can narrow your search with the search, sort, and filter tools.


Buy Shares

Once you’ve found a market you want to trade, click on it.

On the market page, you’ll find helpful details about the market, like the graph, rules, and current odds.


To make your first trade, use the ‘buy’ modal on the right side of the screen:

  1. Click the outcome you want to buy (usually Yes or No), then enter a dollar amount.
  2. Click Buy.

Once your trade has gone through, you’ll see a notification that it was successful. Congrats, you’re officially a Polymarket trader 🙂

Remember, you’re not locked into your bet: you can sell your position at the current odds any time before the market ends.

Share your Trade

You’ll also see a bet slip to share on social media. We love sending $$$ to traders who post their trades on Twitter and tag us!

Simple, right? If you think you’ve got the hang of it, it’s time to learn about more advanced trading and order types.