Is my money safe?

Is my money safe?

Polymarket recognizes that fostering a trustworthy environment is paramount when you are managing your funds on any platform. To facilitate this, Polymarket utilizes non-custodial wallets, which means we never take possession of your USDC. This approach puts you in full control over your assets at all times, providing a robust defense against potential security threats, such as hacks, misuse, and unauthorized transactions, that can be prevalent in platforms where the service provider holds the funds.

One cornerstone of this policy is the ability to export your private key at any time. A private key is akin to a highly secure password that gives you sole access to your funds. The freedom to export it ensures you can manage and move your assets seamlessly, without any restrictions. However, it is crucial to note that the safety of your assets also hinges on how securely you handle your private key and passwords; losing them can result in losing access to your funds. It is your responsibility to store this information in a safe and secure environment.

By championing a non-custodial approach, Polymarket guarantees an unparalleled level of security where your money unequivocally remains your money. The direct access afforded to you through your private key means that you are not relying on Polymarket to secure your assets; you are handed the reins to ensure your own financial security.

Our objective is to grant you peace of mind, knowing that your assets remain safe and entirely within your control at all times, while also encouraging you to undertake precautions to ensure the security of your digital assets.

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