How to Deposit

How to Deposit

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Popular Deposit Methods

Polymarket trading uses USDC, a federally regulated cryptocurrency backed by the US dollar.

How to buy USDC

USDC is available to buy on most major exchanges and trading platforms. Here is a comprehensive list of exchanges that support USDC:

If you’re unable to buy USDC, see our above list of popular deposit methods for options of other cryptocurrencies you can use to deposit.

If you can’t buy crypto at all, we recommend depositing with a Credit Card or via Peer-to-Peer.

I have USDC, now what?

Once you have USDC, you’re ready to deposit it to Polymarket.

If your exchange supports withdrawals to Polygon, we recommend that because it will be fast and free. Otherwise, you can deposit USDC on the Ethereum network. The above list specifies which network most major exchanges support.

Deposit USDC on Polygon:

  1. On your Exchange, click send or withdraw. The name of this feature varies on different exchanges.
  2. Select USDC as the asset to withdraw or send, and enter an amount. Your exchange may look slightly different than this example:
  3. image
  4. Go to the Polymarket Deposit Page and copy the address listed on Step 2. It will look like this:

This image is just an example address. Do not send your USDC to this address.

  1. On your exchange, select Polygon as the network. Paste your Polymarket deposit address into the ‘to’ field.
  2. image
  3. Click Send! Your deposit will be available to trade on Polymarket in a few minutes.