How do trading rewards work?


In Polymarket's Liquidity Rewards Program, you can earn money by placing limit orders that help keep the market active and balanced. The closer your orders are to the market's average price, the more you earn. The reward amount depends on how helpful your orders are in terms of size and pricing compared to others. The more competitive your limit orders, the more you can make.

You get paid daily based on how much your orders add to the market, and can use our Rewards page to check your current earnings for the day, which markets have rewards in place, as well as how much. Simply put, the more you help the market by placing good orders, the more rewards you receive.


Seeing Rewards in the Order Book

On the Polymarket order book, you can hover over the Rewards text to see the amount of rewards available in total on each market. The blue highlighted lines correspond to the max spread — meaning the farthest distance your limit order can be from the midpoint of the market to earn rewards. In the example below, because the max spread is 3c, every order within 3c of the midpoint is eligible for rewards. If the midpoint is <.10 you need to have orders on both sides to qualify.

Rewards are paid out automatically every day at ~midnight UTC. Your history on your portfolio page will reflect rewards paid to your address.

To read more about the specific calculations and formulas that determine rewards, visit our Rewards Documentation.


When your orders are earning rewards you’ll see a blue highlight around the clock icon.